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People whotest positive for coronavirus and are ordered to self-isolate will be fined€10,000 every time they disobey orders, the government announced.


 Personswho have the Covid-19 virus, and who do not need to be admitted to hospital,are required to stay in isolation under medical observation.


All peopleunder quarantine - whether confirmed cases or as a precaution - had to datebeen liable for a fine of €3,000 each time they were found in breach of orders.

That finehas now been raised to €10,000 for confirmed virus patients.



A legalnotice was published late on Monday.

Earlier,parliament was told that amendments to the public health act would befast-tracked to address grey areas in the powers of the Superintendent forPublic Health in times of crisis.



The firstreading of the changes, which include the possibility of raising fines, wasmoved by Health Minister Chris Fearne.

Governmentwhip Glen Bedingfield said that in agreement with the Opposition, which willsupport the Bill, both the second and third readings are scheduled for Tuesday.


政府官员格伦·贝丁菲尔德(Glen Bedingfield)说,与支持该法案的反对党达成一致,定于本周二进行该法案的二次、三次审议。

The Billalso outlines what should happen when the offender is not a Maltese resident.In such cases, unless the charge is being contested, the offender must affectthe payment through electronic means such as a credit card or bank transferwithin 12 hours when he or she was notified. During this period, the policeshall have the power to keep the offender in detention.


Last week, authoritiessaid a French man was fined €9,000 for quarantine breachesafter being caught breaking the law five separate times.